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Alta White
  • Whitens teeth without causing sensitivity
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  • Whitens teeth without trays or strips
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Alta White — a pro tool in teeth whitening

A bright smile is half of your good first impression. We may not pay enough attention to it, but the truth is we have to pay tribute to the beautiful white smile like a great part of human attractiveness.

A modern rhythm of life sets its rules, and we don't care about our health as much as we should. This is when problems start to appear. One of them is teeth yellowing. It is tricky because it's not so easy to notice. And by the time we finally see that our teeth are far from naturally nice white, they already are so discolored that it starts to upset us.

alta_white Stains to Fight? Alta White!

Teeth whitening tools are now widely used everywhere. It is not something new or hardly accessible, so the variety of such products is wide. A chance to avoid visiting the doctor is a great time and money saving hack, that's why many tooth strips and trays now exist.

However, there is a more simple way to make your smile beautiful effortlessly in no time. Alta White is a tool to fight the stains and let you smile freely again!

Why do my teeth get yellow?

It is a question bothering many ladies and gentlemen all over the world. Not everyone is lucky to have a brilliant snow white smile for the whole life. Apart from the illnesses which may damage the tender cover of our teeth, there are some usual reasons of discoloring. They are:

  • drinking a lot of tea and/or coffee;
  • smoking;
  • consuming a big amount of sugar;
  • not proper care about your oral health.

Although the list might look trivial, it is true.

The beverages like tea and coffee leave the plaque on our teeth, which may be hard or even impossible to remove by a regular toothpaste, especially if the plaque has been staying there for a while. In this case, it is reasonable to start looking for a teeth whitening tool.

If you are a hard smoker, you might have noticed that cigarettes also contribute to the stains appearance. It can make your teeth not even yellow, but something like grey. The general look is not bright at all.

Forgetting to brush your teeth or not using a dental floss also influences the color. Moreover, it has a bad effect on your enamel, weakening it and making it sensitive.

The ruination processes which may start inside your teeth without the proper care can lead to serious oral health problems, so the first rule of a beautiful smile is health care.

alta_white_1 What does Alta White offer?

As a mean of teeth whitening, Alta White will provide the relevant effect. After a careful research we are ready to present the review with the comments on each of the manufacturer's promises.

So, Alta White claims to be giving professtional results . The outcome of its usage is really impressive, as you can have a visible result. According to the opinions of the users, your teeth do become whiter, and all hints of yellowish are gone. It may seem that you have visited a professional whitening procedure at the doctor's, but, luckily, now it is not necessary anymore as you can do the job at home without any unbelievable equipment needed.

Alta White removes plaque . It is so, as plaque is the main consequence of consuming harmful products. For example, after drinking a lot of coffee, you can notice the dark coating covering your teeth. It is what we call a plaque. Brushing your teeth carefully every day has to prevent such things, but not every toothpaste is effective. Sometimes it is better to use a safe teeth whitening kit and be sure that you look gorgeous, with no cutting down on your favorite drinks.

This whitening remedy is very easy to apply . Yes, fortunately, you don't have to mess with any trays or strips here, the process of whitening has become much easier. It takes only a couple of minutes, so teeth whitening will perfectly fit in anybody's daily routine. The process of application is simple, so even a child can do it. So, couple of moves in the morning — and you shine with your smile all day long!

What is the algorithm?

You may wonder, what this «easy application method» is. No problem, here is how you use Alta White .

  1. Snap the tip of a swab where the color ring is.
  2. Moisturise it.
  3. Put the wet tip into the whineting powder.
  4. Gently apply it over the visible surface of your teeth.

Simple as that!

alta_white_2 Benefits of Alta White

Apart from the confirmed promises of the manufacturer, this remedy has more advantages to be described. If you are still not sure whether you want to try it or not, check this out.

Alta White is available in South Africa . It is not made here, yet it's easily transported here within the terms, suitable for international deliveries. The price is not high as for the foreign remedy, so it is one of the best options to look at while searching for a perfect teeth whitening kit.

Alta White is dentists-recommended . As an at-home system, it has to be safe, so this mark is a good thing to see on the package. Although it is your responsibility to choose and try such remedies, anyway, you want to be sure that it has been tested previously. Alta White is no cure for any illnesses, but it has been checked as the product of Health and Beauty section to make sure that potential customers will maximally benefit from it.

Alta White has no side effects . It can't unless you would want to use it for food! Thus it is not pills or something which could contain a possible threat; you are safe using it according to the instruction.

Alta White makes no harm to your gum. Unlike the strong chemicals which may be contained in other teeth whitening products, this one won't hurt your oral cavity in any way.Mechanical wounds are also excluded because there is no tool you could harm yourself with. The whole kit is completely user-friendly because it was meant for home usage. The developers understood that it would be hard to create some extra conditions (if the remedy required any), so they tried to make it as comfortable as possible.

The result Alta White provides is fast and looks natural . According to the reviews of its users, the first effect can be noticed in 6 days already. It is a good time as for the at-home harmless system. What's more, your smile will be much whiter, but won't look like there are veneers or any other teeth upgrades. Talking about the effect, this is, probably, the main of its benefits: the remedy can improve your situation within a week, with no harm and with no deterioration.

Alta White doesn't lead to sensitive teeth . It doesn't take off a layer of your enamel, as it is done in some methods of teeth whitening, so your teeth don't get hurt. The action of Alta White is very light and gentle because it removes the plaque. The ingredients don't react with your teeth, which helps to keep them healthy. Besides, they let you polish the teeth while whitening, so it means the double effect for your smile to look even more attractive!

And the last, but not least — Alta White gives you a Money Back Guarantee! If you aren't satisfied with the result of using the product, you can have your money back within 90 days after the purchase . As we can judge from the reviews, it didn't happen, but still, it is pleasant to know that you have backup plan and that the manufacturer is honest enough to give such promises.

What makes Alta White work?

The main ingredient of Alta White used for teeth whitening is Aluminium Tryhidroxide. The general value of it is that it's the most powerful weapon against stains and plaque. It removes them in a smart way, leaving your teeth polished and shining. This ingredient does what is impossible to achieve with usual care. Discoloring is no longer a problem; you can use Alta White as long as you need to achieve the result suitable for you.

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