How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair growth rate varies according to different individuals, and a lot of it is attributed to genetics, nutrition and the conditions you live in. Hair growth techniques can help improve the rate of your growth, but it takes time and consistent effort. You can't expect results overnight. There are multiple techniques you can make use of, some of which includes using hair products and some just natural methods.

Use Conditioner With Shampoos

Conditioner must be applied when your hair is wet. They help replace the lipids and protein inside the hair shaft. They also seal the cuticle to prevent further damage to your hair which helps it grow faster and healthier.

Avoid Using Shampoos Every Time

The shampoo is used to wash away dirt and product buildup, but regular use can also take away the natural oils that keep the hair strands soft and healthy. When applying shampoo, be gentle on your hair and only lather up at the scalp and merely let the suds slide along the strands as the water rinses it away.

Apply Oil Treatment or Mask Treatment

Conditioners won't be enough for long hairs that are several years old. Natural oil treatments and mask treatments can leave residue on the hair that can fill the strands with fatty acids. Rinsing the hair after 10 minutes or so of applying the treatment will be enough to help seal the hair and prevent hair loss. Our line of hair products uses natural oils to help retain the soft and silkiness of your hair while also gradually improving its growth rate.

Use Hair boosting supplements

Nutrition is an essential factor in hair growth. Healthy and fast growth of hair require the right proteins and minerals. Vitamin E, Biotin tablets are some of the standard nutrition opted. Our line of supplements can also help provide the ample nutrition required at an even faster rate. We use the right combination of nutrition that will along with your balanced diet and act as a catalyst for healthier hair. Along with improving the rate of hair growth, our supplements also help reduce hair loss.

Brush Your Hair With Care

Constant brushing can cause physical damage to your hair. Opt for softer bristle brushes that are gentle on the strands and does a good job distributing the natural oils from your scalp down to other hair strands.

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