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BrighterWhite as an Effective Tool in Teeth Whitening

Whatever people would say, appearance matters, and we pay a lot of attention to what the others look like. As a look is usually what gives us the very first impressions of the person, we can even unwillingly judge them, based on what we see.

Therefore, a smile is just as important as everything else in your appearance. Beautiful white teeth are what everybody wants, but with our modern habits to drink a lot of coffee or smoke it is impossible to have a really shining smile.

For this purpose, a team of experts has created BrighterWhite teeth whitening kit that you can use at home. What is so special about it? Is it different from other teeth whitening kits? And, finally, is it good enough to spend your money on it? Find out in this review.

brighter_white About BrighterWhite

BrighterWhite is a teeth whitening kit that helps you fix a discoloring problem on your own. You don't need to go to your dentist now and leave a lot of money there, going through long and expensive procedures. BrighterWhite lets you get all job done in a little time, will not much effort and easily.

This company offers different kinds of kits, more or less advanced, but all of them have a lot of benefits and are proven to be helpful and really work.

BrighterWhite makes it possible to get rid of the plaque and keep your teeth white for a long time. Moreover, the result can be reached very fast, and the claims the manufacturer gives are very promising.


There are many teeth whitening remedies available in South Africa , but this one seems pretty special even in the claims it makes. So, according to the information the official website gives, BrighterWhite can do the following:

Whiten teeth in 2 days

brighter_white_1 It sounds absolutely crazy, but that's what is stated there: this gel in a complex with the LED accelerator can make your teeth lighter and whiter in only two days. Other teeth whitening kits don't do it so fast; the shortest term is at least a week, so here the promise is really impressive.

Long lasting results

According to the information given, you are going to have your teeth white for quite a long time. The exact numbers or terms aren't mentioned, but the main message is that you won't lose the color you have reached with this kit after the first cup of tea. Your smile will stay white and shiny, keeping you pleased and beautiful long after you are done with your BrighterWhite course.

There is a 100% money back guarantee

In case BrighterWhite doesn't work for you, and you don't get the expected result, you can have your money back. This policy only proves that the company is sure of its product and is ready to bet for the service they offer. It is another reason to give BrighterWhite a try (in case you doubt) because you actually lose nothing, and it is a perfect option for those who are not yet sure if they need teeth whitening.

What are the real benefits?

But, after all, BrighterWhite has something else to show. In addition to the claims given, there are some positive things we can say about this kit.

brighter_white_2 A lot of verified reviews

BrighterWhite seems to be the most popular teeth whitening kit because you can find tons of written and video reviews on in on the Internet. People share their opinion on the product, describe and show how they used it and tell about the general experience of teeth whitening at home . It is perfect, as you can see all the positive and negative aspects of it before buying. The reviews save a lot of time and money but remember that every remedy works different on each person, so remember to count on the personal factor.

BrighterWhite supports sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is not a reason to deny yourself home teeth whitening. BrighterWhite can deal with it, bringing no harm to your teeth and supporting it if necessary. The gel it has is comfortable and safe, so you can be sure that you won't make the situation worse. Everybody deserves a beautiful smile, and sensitive teeth aren't an obstacle to that.

3 month supply

Although you are about to use the kit for 7 days straight to get the result you want, BrighterWhite Advanced teeth whitening pack has enough ingredients for a three-month supply. You can repeat the course after some time if you see that you need it. A single purchase turns out to be quite beneficial as you have a chance to use it for a long time.


For those who have a special diet or lifestyle, it will be pleasant to know that BrighterWhite cared about nature and people, so the gel is vegan-friendly. It doesn't contain any ingredients of animal origin, and therefore is safe and acceptable for vegans. Caring about Earth and health is easy now.

Animal cruelty free

As the manufacturer doesn't support the animal testing of any of their products, everything is made in the way avoiding this aspect. We firmly believe that this detail matters to a lot of consumers, so now you see that BrighterWhite stands out as the most caring teeth whitening product.

Different kinds of kits

Counting on the expected amount of time you are going to use the kit, you can buy different versions of it. The website offers a 3, 6 and 2*6 month supply. The bigger kit also includes a special teeth whitening pen (not available in the smaller one). It does a detailed job, fighting some small separate discolorings left after the general procedure of whitening.

All of the products help to kill the bacteria, providing a good level of hygiene in your mouth and keeping your teeth not only beautiful but clean and healthy.

How does it work?

The scheme of use is very clear, and it is not much different from the other teeth whitening kits.

  1. Apply the gel on the trays.
  2. Put them on.
  3. Turn on the LED accelerator and wait.

The regular procedure of whitening lasts for 30 minutes, but you can prolong it up to one hour if you like. The manufacturer recommends to have a 7 days straight course for a really fast and noticeable result, but you will see the first changes in two days already.

The active ingredient of BrighterWhite is Glycerin Urea Peroxide, which ruins the molecules of discoloring and fights the yellowish plaque on your teeth.

In every kit's package, there is an instruction with all information needed, but you can read more on the official website of BrighterWhite.

If we compare BrighterWhite to the other teeth whitening products, it is really comfortable, affordable and effective, so we can undoubtedly recommend it to purchase.

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