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Shine bright With Brilliant White Teeth Whitening Kit!

A problem if yellowish teeth with stains and plaque is common worldwide. A lot of people around the globe are in search for the remedy which would bleach their teeth and make their smiles shining and white again.

There are a lot of home whitening kits, special kinds of toothpaste and other advanced tools, but only a few of them work. How do you choose the one which wouldn't be a waste of money? Read this review and find out!

South Africa's favorite teeth whitening kit

Brilliant White is thought to be among the top advanced teeth whitening tools. This kit has already made an impression on lots of the customers, and it is still gaining popularity. With this kit it is easy to have a celebrity smile, but what is so special about Brilliant White? Let's find out.

Brilliant_white What it fights

In fact, this teeth whitening kit is called the best and favorite for a reason. As a remedy available in South Africa, it has conquered the market and really stands out, because the way Brilliant White solves the problem of yellowish teeth is really surprising.

So, what do regular bleaching kits do?

  • Remove the stains from beverages;
  • take off the plaque;
  • fight the general discoloration of your teeth.

Not every remedy can do it in the best way, and sometimes the results are not very fast, and not so long-lasting. In addition, the harmful ingredients can ruin the enamel of your teeth, bringing even more problems than you have had before.

Unlike those kits, Brilliant White has a deeper and wider action. It doesn't simply fight the stains from coffee, tobacco and fizzy drinks on the enamel, but goes deeper inside your teeth. As you understand, sometimes there are some discolorings in the areas you can't reach, for example, with your toothbrush. There goes Brilliant White.

It removes both intrinsic and extrinsic stains, even those which are located in the tiny cracks of the enamel. As Brilliant White is in the form of a gel, it is easy for the substance to reach the most distant spots of your jaw and deal with the plaque.


The promises the manufacturer gives are quite loud and impressive. For example, it is stated that Brilliant White kit was designed to match dentist grade, which is a good level of service and expected results.

Brilliant White is also compared to the office whitening and claims that the results of home whitening are as good as after the professional procedure.

It is stated that the gel and LED light are absolutely safe for enamel and won't cause any problems even with the sensitive teeth, although you have to count on that if you have sensitivity and pay attention to the time of use of the kit.

As they promise, you will get 100% satisfaction from the result that you see, and your teeth can get up to 8 shades whiter than they were before.

The main advantages

As we have already said, Brilliant White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit has been called the best in the segment numerous times. What makes it so perfect, apart from what the manufacturer said? We can have a closer look.

It kills bacteria

Surprisingly, the teeth whitening kit doesn't only help you to brighten your smile, but cares about the hygiene and helps to keep your oral health. It is a wonderful chance to care more about your smile and make a double impact on your appearance: you won't only have white teeth, but also will be sure that they are healthy. All the harmful bacteria die under the action of the gel and LED light, keeping your teeth white and clean.

The gel is mint flavoured

Brilliant_white_1 A lot of people hate dental procedure not only for the pain but also for the whole process of the oral care being unpleasant. You can forget about any uncomfortable feelings with Brilliant White, as it has a nice mint flavor which you can stand for a long time without the desire to spit.

Immediate results

You can see the difference in color after the first session of whitening. Of course, they won't be as brilliant and shiny as you want them to be, but the noticeable whitening will surely happen. It makes the product really trustworthy, so you can imagine what your smile will look like when you finish the course. Don't hesitate to buy Brilliant White!

The results are long-lasting

You won't spoil the effect with the first cup of tea. Brilliant White is perfect in this sense because you don't have to give up your habits like drinking coffee, smoking, etc. When your teeth are whitened, you can be sure that your smile will remain shiny for a long time, which makes Brilliant White really worth money spent on it.

Brilliant White is proven to be better than other remedies

Compared to the other teeth whitening kits, Brilliant White stands out as a really good one. If we judge the results, we can say that the effect from Brilliant White is more stable, and the overall action is more noticeable than from any other bleaching agent.

How does it work?

Brilliant White kit consists of the tray, gel and a mini LED light. The usage is very easy, that's why it is a nice home option. What you have to do is to apply the whitening gel over the tray, then put it in your mouth and turn on the LED light. One whitening session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the sensitivity of your teeth and the result you want to get.

The active ingredient which makes Brilliant White work is Carbamide peroxide. It brings the oxygen molecules into your enamel and let them destroy the bonds between the molecules of discoloring. Spreading itself on the surface of your teeth Carbamide peroxide does the whitening.

This ingredient is safe and effective, that's why Brilliant White can be recommended to use is you want to have a really shining and astonishing smile!

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