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  • Whiter teeth in only 14 days
  • Professional results at home
  • No costly dental visits
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Whiten Your Teeth at Home Fast and Easy With SoleilGLO

Living with a yellowish plaque in your teeth is not pleasant at all, and many people all over the globe are trying to find a solution to this problem. Teeth whitening tends to be not very cheap these days, and the professional cleaning at the dentist's takes much time and money. Not everybody can afford such a procedure, that's why people seek easier ways to get a bright smile.

Home whitening kits have been popular for some years already, and they continue to appear in different countries. They can be in different forms, but the main thing is that now you can buy some remedy to whiten your teeth at home .

SoleilGLO is among the best teeth whitening products available in South Africa , and it provides the expected result. Excited to know more? Read on the review with all details!

SoleilGLO About SoleilGLO

SoleilGLO is a teeth whitening kit with three items coming inside of it. Basically, it is a whitening gel, a teeth tray, and a UV Accelerator. Although the list of the things may sound scary, actually, it isn't so. The whole kit is extremely easy to use so that you can do the whitening yourself, at home, with no preliminary preparation.

The SoleilGLO teeth whitening kit is quite advanced, if we talk about its quality and usage. But, unlike other whitening products, it is not messy at all, everything is in its place, and you won't have any trouble whitening your teeth.

What is promised

Let's go deeper into the manufacturer's claims.

  • Whiter teeth in only 14 days;
  • professional results at home;
  • no costly dental visits.

Sounds like a regular list of promises every teeth whitening kit gives, but, after all, they all are aimed at the same result. White, shining teeth is their goal, so no wonder a few of the claims may be the same.

By the way, SoleilGLO promises to make your teeth 7 shades whiter , and it is among the arguments to buy the kit. It is a really impressive claim as many other whitening remedies can only make your smile lighter for two or three shades. It makes SoleilGLO stand out and show itself as a really nice thing to use.

SoleilGLO_1 How you can benefit from SoleilGLO

Claimed benefits are not all that a good teeth whitening kit can do. As SoleilGLO shows really good quality, there are even more positive things about it.

Dentists recommended

The professionals approve SoleilGLO's high quality and recommend it to usage. A doctor's prescription or recommendation is already a guarantee that you can safely use the remedy and hope for good results. Nobody knows all about the teeth and oral hygiene better than a dentist, so if these doctors say it is a good whitening kit, we can believe them.

Almost two times cheaper than a single dentist whitening

Surprisingly, SoleilGLO is not an extremely expensive thing. What's more, it brings good results but costs less than a professional whitening at the dentist's. Well, that's understandable, because here you have to do all by yourself, and the whole whitening process lasts for some time, but a dental visit would also have to repeat to bring you the needed result. All in all, it looks like some saving!

Helps to prevent tooth decay

Apart from the simple removal of the yellowish color, SoleilGLO also keeps your teeth healthy. As is removes all the plaque from the surface and the tiny cracks in your enamel, it makes it impossible for a tooth to decay, and there is nothing left to harm your teeth. Here SoleilGLO acts as a cleaning substance too, that's why it has so many kinds of positive influence on your teeth.

Hygienic benefits

We have slightly explained that in the previous paragraph, but yes, SoleilGLO keeps your teeth clean and cares about your oral hygiene. Although it doesn't replace regular cleaning with toothpaste and toothbrush, it still is good for the teeth and makes an impact on your health.

The more attention you pay to your teeth, the more healthy and beautiful it is. Before defining that it is just plaque, and no serious problem, you have to go to the doctor. But after it, when you have discovered that your only worry is a couple of stains, you can do the whitening at home in no time.

Polishes your teeth

SoleilGLO doesn't only fight the discoloring but also cares about the general appearance of your smile. When you apply the tray with a gel daily, you do the scrubbing with the applicator. So, with removing the unnecessary stains it also polishes your teeth, making them shiny and good-looking.

Fast results

If we read about the other teeth whitening kits, they can promise the result in a month or so. Here, with SoleilGLO, you will see the noticeable difference in two weeks only! Even after the first usage, it will be clear to you that the color has started to change, and you'll definitely want to go on using this thing.

SoleilGLO_2 Prevents future stains

Some time after the whitening course you will still have your result. Besides, it will even prevent the plaque, because your smile will be protected with the gel you have been using.

How does it work?

The algorithm of using SoleilGLO is very simple. First, you apply the gel to a silicon tray. Then you put it in your mouth and turn on the UV Accelerator. According to the study, UV rays speed up the teeth whitening process, that's why it is recommended to use the whole kit and not just gel.

This procedure may look strange, but it is perfect for home usage, and the whole process doesn't take long. Please, read the instruction to make sure that you have chosen the correct amount of time for usage.

Forget the rumors telling you that such whitening does harm to your teeth enamel. It isn't so. On the contrary, there is sodium bicarbonate as an ingredient, which means that the gel has a high level of PH and protects your smile from any harmful influence.

SoleilGLO teeth whitening kit makes a perfect choice if you want your smile to be beautiful and shiny.

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